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52" - 70" TV Mount AVFI PMS-XL Black


Product Details

VFI's PMS-XL-B plasma mount is designed to integrate with VFI plasma carts, providing a solid, secure connection for portable, roll-about video systems.  It features:

  • Sturdy 11 guage steel construction
  • A single, heigh-adjustable, integrated camera / codec mount
  • Hidden wiring channels
  • Easty-lock release mechanism for simplified screen installation.
  • Heavy-duty fastening hardware.
  • A matte black powdercoat finish

It is recommended for:

  • 52" - 70" flat panel monitors with maximum mount holes of 1100mm W x 650mm H

VFI introduces fixed mounts for plasma and LCD flat panel monitors. The PMS-XL-B mount for single monitors integrates with VFI plasma carts to provide a solid, secure connection - creating a portable roll-about video system.Designed for videoconferencing installations, this unit features a camera/codec shelf. The mount's hidden cable;e channel allows cable passage from the camera platform right down into the cart's interior cabinet. This mount accommodates most 52 "to 70"+ monitors. See your display manufacturers web site and download installation guide or spec to confirm hole locations. Max mount hole location is 1100mm wide X 650mm high

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